What Is The Difference Between An Extension And A Conservatory

Types Of Conservatory

However, conservatories are usually exempt when they satisfy a number of conditions, This is a shame, as a quality conservatory typically crafted with timber can be a beautiful addition to any home. If you're thinking about a new conservatory for your house, make sure it fulfills all the requirements of a good conservatory.

Can I Change My Conservatory To An Extension?

We are professionals in knowing which conservatory works best with the design of your home, additional conservatory help through Clear Conservatories West Sussex (clear-conservatories-west-sussex.co.uk). Not remarkably, there are a whole different set of rules regarding building an Extension.

Features Of Orangeries

If you have an interest in an orangery or conservatory and wish to get a totally free quote, please contact us to set up a quote.

Lantern Roof Conservatory

A glasslantern'roof contributed to a more strong roof structure is popular in orangeries and can create a feeling of area and high end.

How Big Can You Build A Conservatory Without Planning Permission?

If you're considering building a conservatory in West Sussex, we suggest you check out the current handbook for building regulations here.

What Came First The Conservatory Or The Orangery?

Orangeries, conservatories and garden spaces; these three really different kinds of extensions all have their own unique qualities.

Q Can You Use A Conservatory All Year Round With A Tiled Roof Installation?

This is due to the fact that they have actually a totally tiled roof, instead of a glass one.

Conservatory Versus Extension

The contemporary conservatory is now utilized as an extension to the living or dining space.

Deciding On The Best Conservatory For You

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